No Tab Left Behind

Liat Berdugo - No Tab Left Behind

No Tab Left Behind is a browser extension for Chrome that only lets you browse the Internet with one tab open at a time. It is productive. It is political. (more…)

November 2012

Blurheads in Disneyland

Liat Berdugo - Blurheads in Disneyland

A series of photographs taken within Google Street View of Disneyland Resort Paris, where what's real is blurrier than the fake landscapes and characters that surround. (more…)

Holding Hands

Liat Berdugo - Holding Hands

A book of collected architectural renderings that all have one thing in common: the people in the renderings are holding hands. (more…)

Street View Supermarket

Liat Berdugo - Street View Supermarket

Google Street View uses an algorithm to automatically blur out people's faces.  What would it look like if they blurred out the faces of supermarket products? (more…)


Liat Berdugo - Sleep

When in 'sleep' mode, the indicator lights on Macs glow rhythmically. Sleep transforms this behavior into light for projection, rendering the computer a glorified, overpriced flashlight. (more…)


Liat Berdugo - Switch

A body of 20 videos that explore the ambiguous rift between the digital and the analog, where notions of reality and illusion overlap with each other equivocally and strangely. (more…)

February 2012


Liat Berdugo - Loading…

Loading... is a series of transitional objects that are activated when your browser detects that you're waiting for content to load on the Internet. (more…)

December 2011


Liat Berdugo - Jellography

A fascination with edible text led to this project, in which words and letters were constructed out of Jell-O, both physically and subsequently programmatically. (more…)

Gaming Destination Site

Liat Berdugo - Gaming Destination Site

Most social games are played on networks like Facebook or Myspace. In this project, we took our game City of Wonder off of Facebook and put it on its own dedicated 'destination' site. (more…)

December 2010

User Testing

Liat Berdugo - User Testing

As the lead games researcher for a number of game studios, I facilitated over fifty hours of user testing on pre-release and released products. (more…)

November 2010


Liat Berdugo - @missioncatcalls

The Mission district of San Francisco is a fantastic neighborhood, but one rife with cat calling. What's a person to do with all these gratuitous cat calls? (more…) Redesign

Liat Berdugo - Redesign

More than just a site redesign, this project provided a cohesive site architecture, and a way to browse game offerings before playing. (more…)

September 2010

Playdom Mobile

Liat Berdugo - Playdom Mobile

I worked with the mobile team at a social gaming company to develop a complete set of use cases for a complex mobile product and its interface points with an existing web game. (more…)


Liat Berdugo - PlaydomGear

I developed information architecture and a compelling landing page design for Playdom's  new online storefront, aimed at selling branded gear. (more…)

January 2010

Visualization Tool

Liat Berdugo - Visualization Tool

A software analysis tool for biostatisticians to understand the availability of data during an adaptive clinical trial as a consequence of recruitment mates. (more…)

Dinner Theater

Liat Berdugo - Dinner Theater

A narrative fiction told through a theater seating chart -- both in print and as a flash animation work -- about performances. (more…)

Everyday Maths

Liat Berdugo - Everyday Maths

A poetic exploration of mathematical diagrams, inspired by textbooks I studied for my mathematics degree. (more…)

This World, a Children’s Book

Liat Berdugo - This World, a Children’s Book

A narrated, illustrated children’s book about things one would never tell a child, where children’s toys are placed in cityscapes, highways, and crossroads. (more…)

what is digikitsch? it's my term for digital kitsch: for pieces of net art that are flashy and delightfully reproducible due to their digital birth.